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Every two years, B&T partner Aimpoint organizes an event called Live Fire Days on a military training area near Ravlunda in Sweden, about one hour east from Malmö. Many guests were invited from the police and military, both regular police officers/soldiers as well as special units from nineteen different countries. B&T was on site with a nice selection of weapons and suppressors. This made sure that the guests had something to shoot with the Aimpoints!

Two years ago the star of the event was the B&T Universal Service Weapon (USW). The participants shot the USW out to 120 m at pop up targets with consistent first round hits at all distances (20, 40, 60, 80 and 120 m).

This year Aimpoint provided the almost same setup, while B&T not only showed the USW but also the new USW-G17 Glock chassis and the APC9 K PRO among a fine selection of other B&T weapons.

"Unfortunately" there where some pop up targets from a neighboring stage at 120, 150 and 200 m. You can guess what happens. After having shot the targets at 25 and 50 m, the participants aimed for 120, 150 and 200 m. While at 120 m almost everybody archived first round hits, at 150 and 200 m almost all participants needed more than one shot. The ballistics of the 9 mm x 19 required to aim above the target. Due to the mounted Aimpoint ACRO red dot sight this was a doable task. So with a little help from a spotter, the participants managed to put the targets down at 200 m while standing unsupported. Even so it is not practical to use a USW or a Glock with a USW-G17 Chassis on such a distance, this greatly demonstrated that the USW concept significantly enhances the chances of first rounds hits far beyond normal pistol distances. So with the USW system first round hits at distances up to 75 m in real live combat not only greatly enhance the fighting power but also improve the chances of saving innocent lives during at terrorist attack.


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