First Round Hits with the USW at 120 m


Every two years, B&T partner Aimpoint organizes an event called Live Fire Days on a military training area near Ravlunda in Sweden, about one hour east from Malmö. Many guests were invited from the police and military, both regular police officers/soldiers as well as special units from seventeen different countries. B&T was on site with a nice selection of weapons and suppressors. This made sure that the guests had something to shoot with their Aimpoint!

The star of the event was the B&T Universal Service Weapon (USW) with the new Aimpoint NANO. The participants had the possibility to shoot the weapon at reactive targets, which stood on different distances from 20, 40, 60, 80 and even out to 120 meters! When the B&T team explained the fact, that the USW could be very effective up to 75 meters, there were some participants questioning or even dismissing such a claim. There was a general doubt that a pistol-like weapon could engage targets even beyond 25 meters.  Only a few minutes later, all doubts had been swept away, and there were enthusiastic smiles instead of disbelieving frowns. When the participants themselves had the chance to shoot most began at the 20 meters target and then worked out to distances of 40, 60, 80 and all the way out to 120 m (!) This is amazing with a weapon, which one has never been shot before, especially if it is a novel weapon like the USW.

Here again, the proof is in the shooting.



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