Smear campaign in the media against Karl Brügger and B&T

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Dear customers, suppliers and industry friends,

In the last few days, there has been some misinformation about me personally and the company, B&T that has been distributed via various print media outlets here in Switzerland. This is what appears to be some kind of an agenda driven campaign carried out to smear not only me, but B&T and defense industry in general. This is nothing new.

It is easy to see why this campaign is being launched now as the Swiss Parliament will begin debate on adopting the EU firearms legislation in just a few days. The goal seems to clear and obvious, to denigrate the entire defense industry with my face as that of the enemy. To broaden these agenda-driven blitz attacks further, the media has even placed the local ice hockey club, SCL Tigers, of which, I am a member of the board of directors into this fray for no apparent reason. Please take the following points into consideration and give yourself a neutral and objective picture of this situation. The most important facts in this matter:

Fact 1:       I, Karl Brügger, decided more than a year ago to accept the penalty and to pay a fine of CHF 3,000 as ordered by the Federal Criminal Court as issued on 10.12.2014.

Fact 2:       During the last twenty-seven years that B&T have been an active producer in the defense industry, these are the only fines or penalties against me and/or B&T AG. The references to any other offenses or fines are completely false.

Fact 3:       B&T AG, now employs more than 80 persons. We develop and produce defense products for the domestic and foreign market. In this capacity we supply the Army, the police, and almost all of the other security authorities in Switzerland for the common defense. B&T only ships product outside Switzerland with an approved export license issued by the Swiss government. All product that is exported abroad is in accordance with all international and Swiss statutory provisions. On an average, we ship about 7-800 orders per year outside Switzerland, 96% of which go to our allies in the EU, EFTA countries or the USA.

Fact 4:       The clothing line brand 5.11 has been one of the main sponsors of the SCL Tigers for about ten years via B&T as the Swiss agent for 5.11.

Fact 5:       As a private person, I am a member of the Board of Directors and part of the management of this National League A-Class ice hockey club SCL Tigers.

Further information (in German) can be found here: http://www.bt-ag.ch/site/deu/news

As you can easily see from the documents, the coverage in the various media outlets has no credible material basis. The prejudicial media coverage is presumably a part of a smear campaign to influence the upcoming firearms discussions in the Swiss Parliament. Legal action against the participating media companies is in preparation.

If you have any further questions, I am at your disposal personally on 033 334 67 00.

Best regards

Karl Brügger
B & T AG


Dear Ladies, Gentlemen and customers

As of yesterday afternoon, the newspaper "20 Minutes Online" had completely deleted the false report about B&T and me personally from their website. In addition, at the same time a full retraction was published in which the false information given was corrected accordingly. This retraction can be found here: http://www.20min.ch/.../Gegendarstellung--Tigers-Sponsor...

The English translation of the article is as follows:

Retraction «Tigers sponsor»

The allegations made in the 20-minute report against the principal sponsor of the SCL Tigers are incorrect.

In the 13 May 2018 edition of 20 Minuten.ch it was reported under the title "Tigers Sponsor Made Illegal Weapon Deals" K.B., the owner and one of the main sponsor of the Tigers, has been convicted several times for illegal arms trades, most recently a week ago.
Both allegations against Mr K.B are grossly incorrect,. there is only a penalty order of December 2014, in which he was charged a fine of 3000 francs.

Further, the article claims, K.B. a penalty has been imposed. This is incorrect, a fine has been imposed.

The article also claims that K.B. was sentenced in the year 2000 to a fine of CHF 10'000. This is incorrect. Both K.B. as well as all other retailers involved were found innocent, the proceedings were dropped, and nobody was found guilty. The allegations of a penalty are unfounded.

The article further claims, that almost 100 people were shot during the last days of the uprising in Ukraine with rifles produced in Switzerland by the company, owned by K.B..

These allegations are incorrect. K.B.'s company delivered only a few bolt action rifles to protect the European Football Championship in Ukraine. A license to a Ukrainian company for the production of rifles was granted in compliance with all regulations and with the approval of SECO.

There is no indication that nearly 100 people, or even one person, were shot with these rifles.

To summarize, I would like to say the following:
- There will be more unjustified charges made against the defense industry in the future. It pays to tackle it accordingly
- There will be more retractions from the various other media outlets that should be released by the end of the week
- I am very grateful for the hundreds of emails, text messages and phone calls supporters made to me personally over the past few days. I will unfortunately not be able to answer all, so I would like to thank you for the fantastic support. I gave me great comfort.

Best Regards from Thun

Karl Brügger

Successful Enforce Tac and IWA

Successful Enforce Tac and IWA

What the Shot Show for the US is IWA and Enforce Tac in Nuremberg for the rest of the world. This is the place where users and buyers from police and military, gun dealers, wholesalers, the trade press, sports shooters and hunters come together to assess the new products of the industry. It is a total of 6 days (2 days Enforce Tac, 4 days IWA), and B&T was represented at both fairs with a nice booth. We could not really complain about a lack of attention. The B&T booth was literally besieged from the opening of the exhibition at 9 o'clock in the evening until 6 o'clock at the end of the fair, as B&T showed a variety of interesting new products. These were:

USW-SF - A new version of the USW with striker fire operating system and alloy frame.
USW-P - A pistol version of the USW-SF minus a folding stock.
USW-320 – A folding stock chassis, that makes the SIG P320 a USW-320.
APC308 - The latest addition of the APC family in the well-known and liked .308 Win. caliber.
GHM9-C - A compact version of the GHM9.
SQD suppressor - A very quick attachable 9 mm suppressor for any 3-lug mounting system.
APC9-G and GHM9-G - a lower handgrip exchange that will enable any Glock magazine to function in the both weapons.

Details about the products will be available soon in the trade press and on our website.


Surprise competition with the USW at the Dutch Marines

Surprise competition with the USW at the Dutch Marines

Every year, the Dutch Korps Mariniers, the Royal Dutch Marines invites friendly and NATO forces for a shooting competition in Den Helder. In 2017 it was in December with a total of 24 teams, coming from 19 nations. The competition is designed that each team shoots a pistol and assault rifle course. This year there was an aditional surprise stage, that has to be shot with an unfamiliar weapon, a gun that is not issued with any of the participating forces. This year the organizers chose the B&T USW.

Each participant  had to shoot a course of fire with the USW while the clock was ticking.  To make it more challenging, downsized targets were used to simulate an enemy at 50 m on the 25 m range.

This would normally be a tough challenge on first sight, but then again, due to the features of the USW, it became a rather easy task.  It was to the almost 100 participants a nice surprise that there were excellent results. This  showed on the good scores and happy faces afterwards. Due to the integrated folding stock and the Aimpoint Nano red dot sight first round hits at the “50 m“ targets came easy, even for shooters unfamiliar with the USW.

All participants scored better hits with the USW than with their issued service pistol.


First Round Hits with the USW at 120 m

First Round Hits with the USW at 120 m

Every two years, B&T partner Aimpoint organizes an event called Live Fire Days on a military training area near Ravlunda in Sweden, about one hour east from Malmö. Many guests were invited from the police and military, both regular police officers/soldiers as well as special units from seventeen different countries. B&T was on site with a nice selection of weapons and suppressors. This made sure that the guests had something to shoot with their Aimpoint!

The star of the event was the B&T Universal Service Weapon (USW) with the new Aimpoint NANO. The participants had the possibility to shoot the weapon at reactive targets, which stood on different distances from 20, 40, 60, 80 and even out to 120 meters! When the B&T team explained the fact, that the USW could be very effective up to 75 meters, there were some participants questioning or even dismissing such a claim. There was a general doubt that a pistol-like weapon could engage targets even beyond 25 meters.  Only a few minutes later, all doubts had been swept away, and there were enthusiastic smiles instead of disbelieving frowns. When the participants themselves had the chance to shoot most began at the 20 meters target and then worked out to distances of 40, 60, 80 and all the way out to 120 m (!) This is amazing with a weapon, which one has never been shot before, especially if it is a novel weapon like the USW.

Here again, the proof is in the shooting.


Getting closer to the USW

Getting closer to the USW

The B&T USW is a, not only at first glance, rather unusual weapon. Even so it looks like a pistol with at stock, there is much more to this concept. That’s why experts rate the USW as the best Anti-Terror-Weapon for First Responders. In some cases it needs a certain “convergence” to the weapon and the idea behind it. In this context we received the following email:

Von: Max XXXXXX [mailto:[email protected]]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017 08:48
An: B&T AG
Betreff: B&T Website - Kontaktformular

Hello B&T Team,

my name is Max XXXXX and I am a former member of a special military unit. After my service I moved to Switzerland, where I of course enjoy my shooting hobby a lot.  A while ago I visited a friend of mine who works as gundealer/gunsmith in order to buy a new weapon. I noticed the USW, which looked rather ugly to me at first glance and I didn´t understand the aim and object of the weapon. Not a pistol but also not a submachine gun. The thought about the USW did not let go of me and so I studied the technical data and the idea behind, which then absolutely impressed me. A complete weapon system for all kind of new threats in Europe or around the world, a brilliant idea. I positively fell in love with the USW and bought one. Since then I am more and more enthusiastic about its accuracy, quality and functionality. I wish I would have had such a gun during my time in the military.

Kudos to all involved in the development. In the future the USW will help police officers as well as soldiers to protect the public and to react faster.

Great respect, keep up the good work.

Yours sicerely 


ISO recertification

Since 2005 B&T is ISO 9001 (quality management) certified and since 2016 also ISO 14001 (environmental management) certified. This May it was time for the recertification. As quality- and environmental management is not viewed as an imposition for B&T but a chance for constant improvement, the recertification was absolutely no problem. The auditors were very impressed by the company and its processes. That’s why the audit report does not list any major or minor Non-Conformities at all. Therefore both ISO certifications were extended seamlessly.

Shooting with and without B&T Monoblock Suppressor

Best way to start a Monday morning? Finding this mail in your inbox.

Von: Svein
Gesendet: Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017 20:50
An: B&T
Betreff: Monobloc 338

Hi B&T !

Did a test on POI on your new Monoblock suppressor, from mine AI AX PSR , 24” Krieger barrel.  Here is 10 shot at 100 m, 5 with and 5 without. Ammo is 300gr Lapua Scenar.  Sure works great ! Same result with 250 gr Lockbase.  Went to 700 m, shooting steel plate 20 x 20 cm , same result :)

Me happy smiley

All the best

Svein K.


Italian Special Forces use B&T Suppressors

Italian Special Forces use B&T Suppressors

The 4. Alpini-Parachutist Regiment (it. 4º Reggimento Alpini Paracadutisti) is not only the most decorated regiment in Italian history but also one of three special forces regiments in todays Italian Army. Therefore the regiment is equipped with suitable high quality gear including a large number of  suppressors made by B&T. Furthermore in order to improve combat value the weapons are equipped with bipods and vertical handgrips from B&T.
Foto: 4º Reggimento Alpini Paracadutisti

Suppressed APC9-SD available

Suppressed APC9-SD available

The APC9 is a submachinegun designed with state of the art technology and based of input from leading SWAT teams. It is in use with several police and military special units in Europe as well as in the United States, where the APC9 has proven its value and has earned a solid reputation as a reliable, accurate and field proven weapon.

So it comes as no surprise that, some special units asked for a version with an integrated suppressor. Weapons with integral suppressors are more silent and short than weapons with add on suppressors. Thanks to a special barrel normal supersonic ammunition can be used, as it will be slowed down to subsonic speed. With the APC9-SD B&T is happy to comply with this request. The only 3.4 kg light weapon offers maximum accuracy, excellent noise and flash reduction and perfect balance. A trade journal which tested the APC9-SD wrote that the APC9-SD “is the legitimate successor of the MP5-SD”.

The MPC9-SD is available in a full-auto version for authorities and, with a special permit, also in a semi-automatic version for civilian use.

B&T introduces new Universal Service Weapon

B&T introduces new Universal Service Weapon

In order to react to the quickly changing threats faced by police forces all over Europe, especially those threats presented by Islamic terrorist, law enforcement needs to quickly rethink its armament. The recent terroristic attacks have proven, today’s police side arms are not able to cope with an opponent armed with military assault rifles and bomb vests.

This is the main reason for the development of the Universal Service Weapon (USW). It was to designed to be a weapon which enables the first responder, thus the normal patrol officer, to intervene effectively in the event of a terrorist event. It is also a sidearm that is suitable for every kind of “normal” police work.

B&T presented the new USW for the first time at the symposium of the German Police Academy early June in Leipzig and at the B&T Police Shooting Day in Liestal end of June. First weapons have already been shipped to several police services for testing. The specialized industry press has also taken a look at the USW. The well-known and respected Deutsche Waffen Journal (German Arms Journal) has recently published an extensive article on the USW that describes the gun and its application perfectly. You can download this article (in German) here.

In order to download the info leaflet on the USW, please click here.

2. B&T Law Enforcement Shooting Day

2. B&T Law Enforcement Shooting Day

There is an old Swiss proverb, “Proof of the pudding is in the eating.“ In keeping with this old proverb, B&T introduced more than 80 police shooting instructors and SWAT trainers of the Swiss Police to actually test fire the full range of B&T guns. There were also several purchasers and members of foreign military and police special teams present who joined the event in Liestal near Basel. As the B&T Law Enforcement Shooting Day should be a hands on event, B&T founder and Head Mechanic Karl Brügger gave a very brief introduction, before everybody was able to shoot the guns personally. The undisputed highlight was the new Universal Service Weapon (USW), which had its Swiss premiere at that day. Karl Brügger acted as range officer and was able to personally hear the comments of all the shooters.

Despite the fact that the USW was the highlight of the event, the other B&T guns were not neglected. For many participants the comparison of the B&T weapons to their own duty weapons, which they knew very well, was of great interest. So, just to name a few of the feedbacks, the accuracy of the GL06 was complimented several times. On the APC9 a SWAT member said: The ergonomics are very sophisticated, one chummed up with the gun immediately, the control levers are easy and intuitive to reach. The recoil and the controllability is ingenious and perfectly controllable. The different stocks available are great. For us the APC9 is the best weapon we have tested and we would be happy to swap our XXXX against it immediately.
The day was completed by excellent food and lots of good and interesting talks. The next B&T Law Enforcement Shooting Day will take place in 2018.
In order to download the info leaflet on the USW, please click here.


B&T now ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified

B&T now ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified

The B&T AG is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality management) for several years. This Mai it was time for the recertification audit. B&T passed this audit again with flying colors. Additionally, as conservation is part of the B&T company guidelines, we were certified for the first time according to ISO 14001 (environmental management). Due to the fact that conservation is part of all B&T employees daily’s routine, this certification was no trouble whatsoever.

B&T generates its own green electricity

B&T generates its own green electricity

A positive eco balance in its facility is one of the most important business objectives for B&T. That’s why for years environmental friendly lubricants are used or the metal scrap is recycled. The geothermal heating of the company’s main building , the electrical company cars and the green roof are the reason why B&T is probably the world’s most economical friendly gun manufacturer. As the management emphasizes, B&T does not want to rest on these achievements, but constantly want to optimize its ecological balance. Therefore in January a photovoltaic plant with more than 500 m2 was installed on top of the companies building. The plant has a performance of about 85 kWp and therefore up to 80.000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year can be produced. The amount of CO2 reduction estimated is more than 42.000 kg. The generated electricity is feed directly into the in-house grid, excess electricity will be directed into the public power grid.

Proposed changes to gun laws in Europe after the Paris attacks

An open letter to all our customers, suppliers and friends.

Dear Sirs

The terrorist attacks of 13 November in Paris have deeply affected and shocked us all.

After the tragic events some EU leaders unfortunately tried to reassure the population with illusionary measures to address the problems with terrorism and failed completely to address the real problems. The weapons used by the terrorists in Paris were military grade weapons and explosives. These were illegally acquired and smuggled into France which already has rather strict gun laws.  The criminals and murders will never abide by the laws that exist in a country.

It is therefore, totally incomprehensible to us why some EU politicians are now trying to use emergency procedures to ban hunting and sporting weapons for use by law abiding civilians. The gun owning civilians in Europe are by far the most controlled and vetted person in any society. In some countries, the police will make a visit to the persons home, ask the spouse of the applicant if it is OK and even require physical, mental and physiological tests before a permit for ownership is granted. Perhaps any person running for public office should be subject to the same controls! There is no relationship, linkage or connection between the weapons used by these terrorist and any legal weapon in private hands. The banning of private ownership of firearms is a sham measure and will not way increase the safety or security of the public. They do this as a way to deflect the mistakes that they have made with past policies or more likely no policies. We have therefore decided to make a stand to protect our rights.

We therefore ask all our customers, suppliers and friends to sign the petition below and to share this where possible via social media.


We would like to thank you in advance for your help.

With best regards

B&T management


APC9 is tougher than concrete

APC9 is tougher than concrete

Breaking News – in the true meaning of the word. Droptests are not only done at B&T during development of a gun but also if a customer wants to evaluate this during an acceptance. During the test the gun is dropped a total of 7 times from a height of 150 cm onto a concrete plate. The gun is each time suspended in a different way, so all sides of the gun impact with full force on the concrete tile. Additionally the gun is completely equipped and the magazine is loaded, however only with dummy rounds for safety reasons. Reason is, that the impact is harder when the gun is heavier. During the test there is a case with only the primer in the chamber. Should, for example, the drop safety fail, the engineers get immediate but hazard free feedback.  

Today, during one of the tests a grave damage, also in the true meaning of the word, took the engineers completely by surprise. During the impact of the APC9 on the muzzle, the gun performed like countless times before. No shot was fired and besides some scratches at the muzzle also nothing else happened. Indeed the concrete plate suffered a total loss. At the point where the muzzle impacted the 40 mm thick concrete plate shattered into 3 fragments. APC9: 1 – Betonplatte: 0.

It is therefore justifiable to say that the APC9 is tougher than a concrete plate.

Dutch Air Force adopts MP9

Dutch Air Force adopts MP9

The Royal Dutch Air Force is participating in the air strikes against ISIS in Iraq with its F-16 jet fighter aircraft. The flights over enemy territory are conducted from Muaffaq-as Salti airbase in Jordan. Until now the F-16 pilots have only carried pistols in their survival gear. At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, the survival equipment of the F-16 jet fighter airplanes used in the airstrikes against ISIS have been upgraded to the B&T MP9 submachine gun. The objective of this measure is to significantly improve the chances for survival of the pilots in case they are shot down over enemy territory. Therefore, the MP9 is the ideal choice. The 9 x 19 mm sub-machine gun offers significant firepower due to its 30 round magazine. Because of its folding stock the MP9 is very compact and fits easily into the pilot's survival gear. When unfolded, the gun can be handled like a sub-machine gun of normal size thanks to the foregrip. As a result of the mounted Aimpoint red dot sight, the hit probability is remarkably increased and the time required to aim is distinctly decreased. Especially in high stress combat situations against enemy forces, this is a crucial advantage.

B&T exhibits at EnforceTac and IWA

B&T exhibits at EnforceTac and IWA

These well-known trade fairs, traditionally held in Nuremberg each March, are, beside the Shot Show, the most important fairs for the gun industry. The main focus of the EnforceTac show is on arms for professional users. That’s why access is granted only to the credentialed law enforcement/military community.  This results in a very nice environment for discussion among professionals.

B&T had its own booth, but also was able to hold a very well received lecture at the symposium "Waffen-und Gerätewesen" of the “Deutschen Hochschule der Polizei.” Topic was the new Police submachine carbine APC9 as well as telescopic baton Triton. This was news as the baton was certified according to the technical specifications of the German Police just a few days prior. The visitors accordingly showed great interest , not only in the two products mentioned above but also with all other weapons, handguards, mounts and suppressors B&T exhibited.

The focus of IWA is more on general shooting. But it is always surprising is how big of a B&T fan base and its products have in this area. Especially the new products, the P26 and the TP380, which were shown for the first time outside of Switzerland, received lots of positive interest.

The B&T TRITON Telescopic Baton is German Police Certified

The B&T TRITON Telescopic Baton is German Police Certified

The TRITON telescopic baton produced by B&T has at the first attempt passed all tests in accordance with the German Technical Directive (TR) titled "Batons - Short and Long", as issued by the Police Technical Institute (PTI) of the Police Administration Academy (PFA) in Münster. This means that the TRITON is now officially certified for sale to authorities in Germany. The TRITON was developed from the beginning in order to meet the strict requirements of the German Technical Directive. Thus, proper operation is ensured even under the harshest and toughest conditions. Due to its sophisticated design, it consists of only 26 parts and is accordingly reliable and durable.

The testing procedures for technical directive include several that are well beyond any daily demands that one might expect for an impact weapon. For example, the batons were placed in a caustic acid bath to test the corrosion protection. There were also flame tests, drop tests, bending test and other tests to ensure a reliable use. Thanks to this certification, users can rest assured that the TRITON telescopic baton will always provide reliable functioning and be safe to use.

These testing guidelines enjoy an excellent international reputation. Any police agency or law enforcement organization worldwide can benefit from these standards and be sure that the B&T TRITON telescopic is top of its class.


Four premieres at gun show in Lausanne

Four premieres at gun show in Lausanne

The fact that B&T exhibited at the gun show in Lausanne was a premiere in several ways. Not only because B&T was present at a consumer show for the first time in about 15 years, but also due to the presentation of three brand new guns. The P26, the TP380 and the KH9 were presented for the first time and therefore drew a lot of interest among the visitors. But the existing B&T arms were also on display and the B&T crew got a lot of compliments from the owners of these weapons visiting the gun show. The item that triggered the most buzz was the new rapid magazine loader for the MP9/APC9 and MP5 family of weapons, which was introduced at the show. It was invented by two employees on a rainy Saturday afternoon who didn’t want to visit the range due to bad weather. When they’d shot the MP9 and APC9 frequently on official business, they were tired of loading the magazines by hand. So they put some thought into something that might be really called a rapid magazine loader. The speed of handling and loading with the new device was so convincing that B&T took up the idea and started production. The few loaders B&T brought to the show sold like hot cakes among the owners of MP9/APC9 or MP5s. Further info and a video of the first truly rapid loader for these guns can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/btswissmade

Go West - B&T exhibits at the Shot Show

Go West - B&T exhibits at the Shot Show

The phrase “Go west, young man”, was written in the mid 1800’s to encourage the American westward expansion. This sentiment exemplified the pioneering spirit of a young nation seeking freedom and opportunity. The American spirit and the founding principles from which it spawned are also shared and historically influenced by the Swiss Confederacy with regard to the concepts of resistance to oppression, a people’s militia, and liberty as the birthright of all men.  This year Swiss company B&T AG celebrates the American spirit and shared principals of our two nations’ peoples under the slogan “Go West” as we announce our own westward expansion and the establishment of our US-based subsidiary: B&T USA.  Established in Tampa, Florida B&T USA will focus on the importation and representation of B&T AG Switzerland’s line of high-quality firearms and accessories previously unavailable to the US market.  B&T USA with support personnel from B&T AG will exhibit at the world’s largest shooting sports show: the SHOT Show at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 20. to 23. 2015. Come visit us at booth 6409.

17 SWAT teams torture test the APC9

17 SWAT teams torture test the APC9

During development B&T weapons have to undergo endurance tests of up to 20.000 rounds. However it is always interesting to get real life feedback, especially if it is a realistic torture test. The Swiss SWAT team contest was such a torture test for the APC9. This competition of all Swiss SWAT teams is held biannually, with the organising canton changing each time.

In 2014 the canton of Neuchatel was the host and therefore asked B&T for support. B&T supplied weapons for 3 stages. While the APR precision rifles satisfied the participant with excellent groupings at 300 m on stage 1, the MP9 was carried around, in the true meaning of the word, on stage 2. While one member of the team had to engage moving targets sitting on a stretcher, the other 4 team members carrying him about 100 m to the shooting position, with the clock ticking. Not allowed to set the stretcher down, one can imagine that the shooting position was not the most stable one.

On the third stage, the gloves really came off for the participants. The goal was to overcome an obstacle course built on a shooting range with the APC9. The participants had to climb over a container, several walls and an obstacle wall with several shooting positions in between. Racing against the clock, the APC9 was not handled with care (to say at least!). During this 30 round stage, 2000 rounds were fired in total - a real torture test for the APC9. Not only that, all members of each participating team ran through the stage consecutively, taking the best teams about 20 minutes each. The ‘wildcard’ of this stage was having to climb through a car mid-stage. And not just any car, either - it was a compact car. The participants had to enter though the driver’s window and exit through the passenger window. Battling the clock, the APC9 took a lot of beating, easily visible after lots of passages through the car and above and below the different obstacles. No matter how scratched and dented the APC9 became, it still worked flawlessly. And that’s what really counts in real life.

B&T exhibits at GPEC in Leipzig

B&T exhibits at GPEC in Leipzig

The GPEC (General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference) held every other year in Leipzig is the second largest exhibition for law enforcement products in Germany. The largest is Enforce Tac, which is held in conjunction with IWA every year. B&T was present at GPEC this year with its own booth. The attendees were mostly from Germany and it was very interesting to meet and discuss their needs and concerns with these professional. While “specialized tools” like the VP9, the SPR300 or the APC300 took center stage at the Enforce Tac, it was interesting to see, that the focus of interest in Leipzig was slightly different. The professional audience in Leipzig focused a little more on the less lethal launcher GL06 and the APC9 police carbine.

There are many public order/ riot control police units worldwide that are still missing an accurate, easy to handle and effective less lethal launcher. Due to international exchange of experience among police forces, many visitors at the B&T booth knew about the consistently positive experience the French Police had made with the GL06, which is utilized nationwide in large numbers. Therefore they personally wanted to gather some firsthand information on the GL06 and the available range of specialized 40 mm ammunition.

As the submachine guns of most police forces are more than 50 years old by design, the professional audience showed great interest in the APC9 as an up to date police carbine.

POL-TEC visits B&T

POL-TEC visits B&T

POL-TEC company from Fürth is the German distributor of B&T. In order to give their customers optimal advise, not matter if it is a hunter looking for a hunting silencer or an authority procuring a special mount or a submachine gun, POL-TEC frequently visits the B&T factory to get its staff trained at the source. On the first day, all B&T guns were part of the curriculum, including disassembly and maintenance.

On the morning of the second day the weapons were shot in order to give the POL-TEC sales team first-hand experience about the extreme precision of the GL06 or the perfect controllability of the APC in burst mode. After lunch in depth knowledge on suppressors was taught. What is the difference between a M- and a Star-baffle? What is the best silencer for at .308 used on a driven hunt and what is the best silencer for a SWAT team using the G36?

On the third day all B&T produced accessories like handguards, mounts, bipods, grips and holsters were discussed. Stuffed with this in depth knowledge and of course some Swiss specialties like Rösti and horse filet the POL-TEC crew head home, perfectly prepared for all kind of customer inquiries.

Large scale test with the veterinarian pistol

Large scale test with the veterinarian pistol

The B&T veterinarian pistol VP9 was developed at the suggestion of several large animal doctors practicing here in Switzerland. It seems that this doctor frequently has problems safely approaching severely injured animals in order to administer a lethal injection. It was soon after the introduction of the VP9 interest in product quickly expanded outside the circle veterinarians only.

In early July the Swiss Police of canton Basel-Landschaft in collaboration with its head of veterinarian service and the Swiss federal office for veterinary medicine conducted a large scale test. The aim was to evaluate if this weapon, together with the right ammunition would be suitable for a mass slaughtering in case of an animal disease such as swine flu. In these extreme cases a large stock of animals has to be put down on an emergency basis as not to violate the quarantine in their stables. Normal slaughtering methods (stud gun/electrocution) won’t work under such circumstances as there are just too many animals to put down. A silenced gun, easy to handle, would be a very valuable tool for such situations. Another scenario concerns the police: an accident of a livestock transporter on the highway. In this case perhaps as many as a hundred badly injured animals must be put out of their misery fast and safely.

Therefore the VP9 and the APC300 has been tested with RUAG ammunition (9x19 HP SX/.300 Whisper Final) on the skulls of cattle, sheep and pigs at the Basel-Landschaft police shooting range. All attendees were very impressed on the low sound signature of the guns used as well on the safe and effective performance of the ammunition. Part of the test was that the skulls where dissected and examined by the attending veterinarians. The bullets did not over penetrate the skulls and were extracted from the brain tissue for examination.

The analysis of the tests showed that the VP9 and the APC300 with the RUAG ammunition are very valuable tools for a mass slaughtering in case of an animal disease or a livestock transporter accident.

B&T shooting day for Swiss Police Authorities

B&T shooting day for Swiss Police Authorities

Guns and accessories may look great in brochures or on the internet but like a car, only a “test drive” gives one a real impression. How quiet is a silencer really? How little does the APC300 move in burst mode? That’s why B&T invited all Swiss police and SWAT shooting instructors, on July 2nd to the Police shooting range in Liestal Switzerland. The goal was that the instructors and other decision makers get firsthand experience with the existing line of B&T weapons.

The range was divided into five different shooting positions. On the first position one had to engage 20 cm small plates with the GL06 less lethal launcher using the SIR 40 mm ammunition. The big grin on the faces of the participating instructors showed, how much superior the accuracy of the GL06 is compared to the established launchers. On the second position there was dead silence, due to the silencers. The VP9, MP9, APC300, ACP9 and SPR300 impressed everybody with the performance of the silencers. Many people commented how much the sound was like an air rifle. On the next position the goal was to hit small targets with the precision rifles of the APR family. For many participants it was impressive to see, how soft the powerful .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge shoot thanks to the fitted suppressor.

On the positions 4 and 5 the MP9, APC223 and APC9 could be shot in semi and full automatic fire. Here one could also see wondering faces, as thanks to the build-in hydraulic buffer of the APC9 and APC223. The recoil is virtually non-existent and therefore tight controlled groups are produced.

The event was also attended by B&T suppliers. Aimpoint which showed the new T-2 optic, and Kahles presented the new scope for professional user K4i with 4 times magnification. Interesting expert discussions and good food highlighted this successful event.

The next shooting day for authorities will be held in summer 2016.


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