Review of the APC556 PDW by Milcomp


The boys from Milcomp visited us in order to test the APC556 PDW. Here is their review:

B&T 3-chamber compensator for B&T APR cal. .308 Win.

When a Monoblock suppressor should be mounted on the B&T APR sniper rifle in caliber .308 Win, this 3-chamber muzzle-brake is the proper base. And without the suppressor the muzzle brake, as its name indicates, reduces the recoils significantly, which is very helpful when shooting longer series.

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Article-no. SD-122248


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226.00 CHF


.308 Win (7.62 x 51 mm NATO)


100 mm


200 g

Suppressor connector

M27 x 1 Left


With attachment point for mirage band


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