Review of the APC556 PDW by Milcomp


The boys from Milcomp visited us in order to test the APC556 PDW. Here is their review:

B&T suppressor Rotex-V .308/7,62 mm

Purchase of this item requires a separate official permit

Compatible with the standard NATO flash hider, the Rotex-V is the optimal solution when a suppressor, mount- and detachable within seconds with a high suppression rate is needed. Besides that it very effectively suppresses the muzzle flash.
As the Rotex-V exists in different versions (depending on the gun used) the technical specification can vary from the values given below.


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Calibre .30 (.308 Win, 7.62 x 51 mm, .300 Whisper, .300 Blackout, etc.)
Total length 197 mm
Extending Length 151 mm
Diameter 39 mm
Weight 684 g
Material Inconel & Thermax
Color gray
Sound suppression ca. 28 dB (A)
Full Auto capability until glowing red
Suppressor connector QD quick fastener for NATO flash hider
Also included belt pouch


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