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B&T M.A.R.S. - DM rifle suppressor, 5.56mm

If the requirements ask for a suppressor to be as light and compact as possible, with superior muzzle flash and sound reduction, the B&T M.A.R.S. (Miniature Assault Rifle Suppressor) is the preferable choice.


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Article-no. Description Price CHF
SD-988327 B&T M.A.R.S. - QD rifle suppressor, 5.56mm
SD-988328 B&T M.A.R.S. - QD rifle suppressor, 7.62mm
SD-988225 B&T M.A.R.S. - DM rifle suppressor, 5.56mm
SD-988226 B&T M.A.R.S. - DM rifle suppressor, 7.62mm

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