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If you buy a new rifle at the age of 77, you must be an avid shooter. And normally you won’t expect from someone that old to buy a military looking self-loading rifle. But Hermann Ohnheiser liked the APC223. Just a few days after he picked the rifle up, he proved beyond any doubt, that he made an excellent choice. Shooting five round groups from a bench at 100 m, using GGG ammunition in .223 Rem from Lithuania, he shot a group of 12 x 12 mm. Changing the ammunition to S&B 55 grs he improved his already excellent result with a group of 7 x 8 mm. In order to archive such an outstanding result it needs a very accurate rifle like the APC223, a good scope but also an outstanding shooter. And this at the age of 77. B&T has only one thing to say: RESPECT!

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This suppressor is the perfect addition for the MP9/MP14/TP9 submachine gun/PDW. Thanks to its QD-lock it can be mounted/dismounted in a matter of seconds. Due to...


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The MP7 suppressor was developed by B&T in close collaboration with Heckler and Koch especially for the high performance submachine gun MP7. It is the perfect choice...


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Probably the world’s most sold suppressor!
In use not only with many SWAT team all around the world but also with normal police units. Thanks to it 3-lug lock it can...


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Roughly half the length of the standard QD suppressor, the CQB Compact is a great choice when the system gun/suppressor must be as compact as possible, for...


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Thanks to it 3-lug lock it can be mounted/dismounted on all weapons with MP5/APC9 type 3-lug lock on the barrel in a matter of seconds, even faster than the normal...


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As it is a little more than 50 mm shorter compared to the standard QD suppressor, the CQB is a good alternative when, for example, for the use within a building the...


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This version of our proven SMG/MP suppressor is adapted for the use with the CZ Scorpion EVO 3. Due to the fitting thread, the suppressor can be mounted quickly...


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