Never too old to be accurate


If you buy a new rifle at the age of 77, you must be an avid shooter. And normally you won’t expect from someone that old to buy a military looking self-loading rifle. But Hermann Ohnheiser liked the APC223. Just a few days after he picked the rifle up, he proved beyond any doubt, that he made an excellent choice. Shooting five round groups from a bench at 100 m, using GGG ammunition in .223 Rem from Lithuania, he shot a group of 12 x 12 mm. Changing the ammunition to S&B 55 grs he improved his already excellent result with a group of 7 x 8 mm. In order to archive such an outstanding result it needs a very accurate rifle like the APC223, a good scope but also an outstanding shooter. And this at the age of 77. B&T has only one thing to say: RESPECT!


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Professional high quality rain protection. Water repellent, windproof, while also breathable.

  • Tested 10.000 mm water column
  • Elastic waistband with cord...


345.00 CHF


Rain protection in the high-end range. Both jacket and trousers offer a variety of customization options. Windproof and water repellent while also breathable. Body...


345.00 CHF


The new polar proven ECIG 3.0 series classifies itself in the temperature range of -30 ° C. The water-repellent outer material makes the trousers independent to...


362.50 CHF


Small, light and versatile. Thanks to the small pack size the Survival Rain Suit can easily be stowed away, making it the indispensable companion for those who have to...


242.50 CHF


The new HIG 3.0 series was created in cooperation with special forces. Particular attention has been paid to the optimal cut, robustness and in detail solutions. The...


294.00 CHF


Light, warm and well tailored are the characteristics of our G-LOFT ULTRA series. Perfectly tailored it can be used as second layer between functional underwear and...


140.00 CHF


The new LIG 3.0 series is the result of constant further development in the areas of insulation, functionality and
design. The improved cut increases the wearing...


181.00 CHF


  • Extremely lightweight due to its thermal efficiency
  • soft and downy to the touch
  • retains full insulating power even when wet
  • does not absorb humidity
  • ...


166.00 CHF


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