Never too old to be accurate


If you buy a new rifle at the age of 77, you must be an avid shooter. And normally you won’t expect from someone that old to buy a military looking self-loading rifle. But Hermann Ohnheiser liked the APC223. Just a few days after he picked the rifle up, he proved beyond any doubt, that he made an excellent choice. Shooting five round groups from a bench at 100 m, using GGG ammunition in .223 Rem from Lithuania, he shot a group of 12 x 12 mm. Changing the ammunition to S&B 55 grs he improved his already excellent result with a group of 7 x 8 mm. In order to archive such an outstanding result it needs a very accurate rifle like the APC223, a good scope but also an outstanding shooter. And this at the age of 77. B&T has only one thing to say: RESPECT!

B&T Universal Service Weapon - USW-A1, Kal. 9 x 19 mm

In order to react to the quickly changing threats faced by police forces all over Europe, especially those threats presented by terrorist, law enforcement needs to quickly rethink its armament. The recent terroristic attacks have proven, today’s police side arms are not able to cope with an opponent armed with military assault rifles and bomb vests.
This is the main reason for the development of the Universal Service Weapon (USW). It was to designed to be a weapon which enables the first responder, thus the normal patrol officer, to intervene effectively in the event of a terrorist event. It is also a sidearm that is suitable for every kind of “normal” police work.

Article-no. BT-430001


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9 x 19 mm


Browning system


Semi automatic

Length min./max.

257 mm / 473 mm


44 mm with closed stock


170 mm

Barrel Length

110 mm


1170 g

Stock Pull

368 mm

Primary Sighting System

Aimpoint NANO

Suppressor connector

M13.5 x 1 left

NAR Rails



17, 19 and 30 rounds



Shoulder stock


Also included

B&T APL Advanced Pistol Light, one each 17, 19 and 30 round magazine, duty holster, cleaning kit, sling, manual, case.



Article-no. Description Price CHF
BT-430032 B&T magazine for USW 17 rounds, cal. 9 x 19 mm 34.50
BT-430033 B&T magazine for USW 19 rounds, cal. 9 x 19 mm 37.50
BT-430103 B&T magazine for USW 30 rounds, cal. 9 x 19 mm 44.50

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