Review of the APC556 PDW by Milcomp


The boys from Milcomp visited us in order to test the APC556 PDW. Here is their review:

B&T machine pistol MP9-N, Cal. 9x19mm

If less is more, the MP9-N is the perfect choice. Smaller, lighter and more flexible than all other compact submachineguns, the MP9-N is really convincing. The MP9 was refined and optimized in cooperation with special units from police and military. The MP9-N is currently in service with close protection teams as well as with SWAT teams worldwide. It is also a perfect choice as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

Article-no. BT-30104-N


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Recoil operated, rotating barrel locking system, closed bolt firing.


Full auto

Rate of fire

1100 rpm

Length min./max.

303 mm / 523 mm


50 mm


276 mm (incl. Aimpoint und 30 round magazine)

Barrel Length

130 mm

Twist Rate

250 mm / 10"


1.7 kg (incl. Aimpoint and 30 round magazine)

Stock Pull

385 mm

Primary Sighting System

Aimpoint Micro TL

Secondary Sighting System

Integreated Backup Sights

Sight length

192 mm

Suppressor connector

3-Lug / 25 mm

NAR Rails

1 + 1

Charging handle



15, 20, 25 and 30 rounds, translucent Polymer magazines



Shoulder stock


Training System

Simunition, Manipulation

Also included

One 15 round magazine, two 30 round magazines, QD front grip, cleaning kit, sling, case, manual


Available without foregrip



Article-no. Description Price CHF
BT-30209 B&T magazine for MP9/TP9/APC9/GHM9 15 rounds, cal. 9mm 41.50 Requires special permit
BT-30296 B&T magazine for MP9/TP9/APC9/GHM9 20 rounds cal. 9mm 41.50 Requires special permit
BT-30298 B&T magazine for MP9/TP9/APC9/GHM9 with 25 rounds 9 mm 38.00 Requires special permit
BT-30183 B&T magazine for MP9/TP9/APC9/GHM9 30 rounds, cal. 9mm 38.00 Requires special permit
MD-BRT4000-02 B&T discreet shooting bag 248.00
BT-30341-L B&T high belt ride holster for MP9/TP9, Left 164.00
BT-30341-R B&T high belt ride holster for MP9/TP9, Right 145.50
BT-30339-R B&T low belt ride holster for MP9/TP9, Rechts 145.50
BT-30339-L B&T low belt ride holster for MP9/TP9, Left 164.00
BT-30332-L B&T Tactical leg holster for MP9/TP9, Left 205.00
BT-30332-R B&T Tactical leg holster, Right 186.50
BT-WML-B-W-L-GEN2 B&T weapon light GEN-2 with white light 155.50
BT-231229 B&T magazine loader for MP9/TP9, APC9, KH9, GHM9 und P26 magazines 22.50
BT-30110 B&T brass catcher for B&T MP9/TP9 124.50
MD-BRT4011-02 B&T bag MP9/TP9 Discreet Shoulder Side black 90.50

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