Review of the APC556 PDW by Milcomp


The boys from Milcomp visited us in order to test the APC556 PDW. Here is their review:

B&T assault rifle APC300, Cal. .300 BLK

Fine-tuned for the innovative .300 Blackout cartridges, the APC300 is a universal carbine for general police work as well as for urban sniping and SWAT.

Article-no. BT-36054


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.300 Whisper / .300 AAC Blackout


Locked rotating bolt gas piston operated rifle


Full auto

Rate of fire

600 rpm

Length min./max.

582 mm / 816 mm


67 mm (incl. chargin handle)


282 mm (incl. 30 round magazin and sights)

Barrel Length

280 mm

Twist Rate

203 mm / 8"


3.8 kg (incl. 30 round magazine and sights)

Stock Pull

308 - 368 mm

Primary Sighting System

Foldable open sights

Sight length

311 mm

Suppressor connector

Rotex-IIA interface in flash hider

Muzzle attachment

Flash hider

NAR Rails

1 + 3

Charging handle



30 round polymer magazines



Shoulder stock

foldable and lenght adjustable

Also included

Two 30 round magazines, vertical foregrip, cleaning kit, sling, case, manual



Article-no. Description Price CHF
BT-20407 B&T telescopic stock for B&T APC223/556/300 497.50
BT-361173 B&T Magpul magazine PMAG Gen M3 for APC300 30 rounds cal. .300 Blackout black 41.00 Requires special permit
BT-22438 B&T brass catcher for B&T APC 223/556/300/308 313.00
BT-21830-BK B&T foregrip with bipod 166.00
BT-21840 B&T fore grip 104.00
BT-211564-BL B&T fore grip short 62.00
BT-231227-BK B&T angled fore grip 37.50
BT-WML-B-W-L-GEN2 B&T weapon light GEN-2 with white light 155.50
BT-WMLX-B-W-L-GEN2 B&T weapon light GEN-2 with white light 181.50
SD-988162 B&T GRS rifle suppressor, cal. .308 Win. 616.00 Requires special permit
SD-988130-1 B&T Rotex-IIA™ rifle suppressor cal. .308 Win./.300 BLK 822.00 Requires special permit
SD-121578 B&T compensator with 5/8" - 24 UNEF thread 130.00

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