VP9 Review James Bond style


You will find a lot of reviews about our Vetenarian Pistol VP9 on YouTube. But the boys from Sapiens Para Bellum really took the cake with this very cool and stylish intro for a VP9 review.

Enjoy watching.

Laser-Ammo safety pipe long to SureStrike™ 9mm Premium Kit

The only dry fire training with a Secure safety system for additional protection, alignment and accuracy! The SureStrike™ long safety pipe is made to fit all handguns with barrels from 3.5” to 4.8” inches.

A safety pipe (short or long, depending on barrel length) should be used with all pistol caliber adapter rings: .40S&W, 45ACP, 45GAP, 10mm and 357SIG! You do not need a safety pipe for revolvers and shotguns. Rifles have their own designated size pipe.

Laser Ammo also offers a short safety pipe for handguns with barrels from 2.9” to 4” inches. The short safety pipe is standard issue and is included in all SureStrike™ kits.

Article-no. LAM-9MSP-L


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