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The B&T USW is a, not only at first glance, rather unusual weapon. Even so it looks like a pistol with at stock, there is much more to this concept. That’s why experts rate the USW as the best Anti-Terror-Weapon for First Responders. In some cases it needs a certain “convergence” to the weapon and the idea behind it. In this context we received the following email:

Von: Max XXXXXX [mailto:[email protected]]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017 08:48
An: B&T AG
Betreff: B&T Website - Kontaktformular

Hello B&T Team,

my name is Max XXXXX and I am a former member of a special military unit. After my service I moved to Switzerland, where I of course enjoy my shooting hobby a lot.  A while ago I visited a friend of mine who works as gundealer/gunsmith in order to buy a new weapon. I noticed the USW, which looked rather ugly to me at first glance and I didn´t understand the aim and object of the weapon. Not a pistol but also not a submachine gun. The thought about the USW did not let go of me and so I studied the technical data and the idea behind, which then absolutely impressed me. A complete weapon system for all kind of new threats in Europe or around the world, a brilliant idea. I positively fell in love with the USW and bought one. Since then I am more and more enthusiastic about its accuracy, quality and functionality. I wish I would have had such a gun during my time in the military.

Kudos to all involved in the development. In the future the USW will help police officers as well as soldiers to protect the public and to react faster.

Great respect, keep up the good work.

Yours sicerely 



B&T Journées des autorités

Les 20 et 21 juin, les traditionnelles journées des autorités de B&T auront lieu au stand de tir militaire „Guntelsey“ à Thoune / Suisse.

Comme B&T ne produit pas seulement des armes, des silencieux et des rails de montage, mais est aussi grossiste pour diverses marques renommées, l'exposition pourra présenter un large éventail d’équipement pour la police et les autorités. S'y trouveront aussi 20 autres exposants comme, par exemple, HK, Aimpoint, 5.11, BlackHawk, Carinthia, Simunition, RUAG, Vectronix et bien d’autres. Les visiteurs auront l’occasion de tester, sur place, les armes de B&T, ainsi que celles des autres fabricants. Des présentations techniques et des ateliers pratiques complèteront encore l’offre. Comme la manifestation est réservée uniquement à la police, à l'armée, aux autorités et à certains services de sécurité triés sur le volet, nous vous prions de bien vouloir vous inscrire, à l'aide du talon ci-dessous. L'entrée est gratuite.


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